by Rush Hour

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released December 15, 2011

Recorded by Javan Irving on September 9, 2011.
Mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering.



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Rush Hour Florida

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Track Name: ...After Midnight
The same, old dreams are killing me
Reminding me of what we used to be
Oh, how much I miss those girls of gold
And how I wish you were still with me
But now you're gone, and I'm caught up
Caught waking up in the fucking dark
You promised that we'd keep in touch
But now we hardly ever talk
I was told "You did nothing wrong."
Then why am I singing this song
Why do I feel so fucking lost?
Fuck me
My road is ending soon
The Dead End sign is in my sight
Sleep away this fucking pain
And pray to god that I'll never wake again
I see you in these dreams
We're (together) not alone, We're so happy
I want this perfect life
I'm just ready to die
Track Name: Gone
What the fuck am I doing?
Am I even living/breathing?
Disappointments after disappointments
Failed relationships, broken friendships
When I stopped caring, I stopped living
But then you came and showed me
What it was like to be happy
But in the end you'll turn and leave
I just want this feeling to die
Feeling like I want to die
There is nothing here for me
There is only hate and these six strings
Track Name: Me, Myself, and I
I've been looking back to the past
How I handled everything
So selfishly, self-caring
Didn't know what I was thinking
Back then, how could I've erased them from my head
I pushed them away
I am so wrong, I'm never right
Only good at pushing everyone aside
As if they meant nothing to me
How could I've been so blind?
How could I've forget my friends, my family
I can't believe what I've done
I can't believe me
I hate myself
I hate what I've become
Track Name: The Last Time
Why am I so scared of seeing you for the last time?
This fear is overwhelming
It's eating me alive
And I all I can think...
Why do I feel so numb?
Why can't I even break a tear?
This song is my redemption
I hope you can hear
This is for...
My heart is in these words
My tears are within these chords
I will always love you
I will always miss you
Track Name: Eight-Year Plan
These are the words that I wish I could say
But instead I'll write them down
And hide them all away
This song I wrote, you will never hear
You will never know, how I really feel
Because people change
And feelings fade
Then you forget my name
So I'll run along
And write ten more songs
About how I fell in love
Felt content
Only to fall apart
In the end, we're all let down
In the end, we're all alone
How many times can I lie to myself?
That I will find you in somebody else
How many times can I tell myself?
That this place isn't real I'm already in hell
Just eight more years...